The importance of a branding strategy

A brand is the perception about a company or product range. Businesses are prepared to spend large sums of money on branding. Branding - a winning strategy One of the most successful methods to develop your company image (brand) is to use the printed products - the “print portfolio”. Most people come in contact with a company’s printed materials long before meeting a representative from that company. The design of that letterhead or business card or any other printed piece bearing a company’s name will have a profound impact on the consumer’s peception about that company. The Inxon “Print Portfolio Programme” is continuously looking for ways to develop your “Silent Sales Force”.

People buy “brand” then product “you know what you get with a known name”. The promotion materials from an unknown “brand” must therefor work much harder to be successful. Branding is continuous.

Inxon Designers produce:

  • Promotional products (sales letters, brochures, invitations, flyers, newsletters, calendars, pamphlets, banners, etc.) which virtually become the products or services they promote.
  • Original designs to convince customers through pictures and script to  buy the product or service.
  • Individual creativity for maximum impact, combined with the latest in design and imaging technology for assured speed and economy.

The importance of good design

Given that we remember only:

A powerful image is retained for much, much longer, which is why we at Inxon developed one of the best design agencies in the business.

  • 5% of what we read;
  • 10% of what we hear;
  • But 25% of what we see -

You want great results for your business.

That means communicating who you are, what you do and what makes you better than your competitors as effectively as possible.
Graphic design is not simply applying colour to paper, it is the aesthetic arrangement of type and image to interest , inform, convince, or sell. The image your company projects is critically important  to its success.


Vehicle wrapping will help you to:

  • Reach a larger audience more often.
  • Stretch your advertising rands further.
  • Generate a positive opinion.
  • Create a buzz and increase awareness.
  • Reinforce your overall marketing strategy.
  • Make a good first impression