The Elements of a Great Brochure Design and Printing

It is essential for companies to market their brands effectively by creating professional brochure designs and printing in such a competitive environment that are not just glanced over or tossed in the bin, especially in today’s competitive market. A properly designed eye catching brochure is one of the best ways to open up a plethora of opportunities and is also a crucial part of advertising.

What make a stunning brochure? It is easy to browse through the various styles to see what you like and dislike, but implementing these factors into a final product is what differentiates a brochure from average to something spectacular. Creativity and originality whereby you capture the reader’s attention is a must as you want your brand and promotional material to be showcased in a positive light.

Identify your Brochure Design and Printing Beforehand

Before putting your creative ideas into action, know your purpose and keep this in mind throughout the campaign. The first step is to establish a brief and outline the objectives of the design. If in the past you designed a brochure for the same brand, identify what worked and what did not work. A solid starting platform is to confirm exactly what you want to achieve.

Focus on the company’s theme and vision and captivate the brochure with colour that reflects the existing promotional material and brand which should be constant throughout the brochure. For example, colours create various moods, and a variety of colours can project a spicy warm feel or you can create an elegant classical look by using simple greys, blacks and white.

The Key to Brochure Design and Printing

If done professionally a busy design can be successful, although you should avoid filling every white space. The key to a stunning brochure that will create a great impression is the design and layout. To grab the reader’s attention, use simple stand out statements. It is important to keep your fonts easy to read and neat as you using a small space to express a substantial amount of information. Too much writing can overwhelm a reader, so one should use headings and break up the text with white spaces. The standard for brochures is not to utilize more than three fonts and to use font size 11. Another key factor is using high res photos that are crystal clear, speak a thousand words and make reading the brochure more pleasurable. Creating a brochure is a skill, and writing interesting headlines that catch the reader’s attention is vital.

Find Printers that are Fast and Accurate

Always have more than one person proof read the copy, as mistakes can cost you your budget. Bear in mind your paper option with either enhance or diminish your design. Brochure design and printing should be professional and to uphold the highest quality, use print bleed. Business owners cannot ignore the importance of brochure design and printing which increases the popularity of all corporate businesses. Brochures and marketing materials provide customers with useful accurate information and fulfill their needs. At Inxon we will provide you with high quality designs and printing at well affordable prices.

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